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How urgent are my symptoms?

Many STIs don’t have symptoms, but if you do have them, it’s important to know how urgently you need to see a doctor.

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What tests do I need?

Using condoms and getting tested every 6-12 months is the only way to stay STI free.

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Where can I be tested?

Sexual health clinics, GP clinics and community health centres perform STI testing.

Visit one of our partner health services, or find a service in your local area.

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About STIs

Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs) can affect anyone who has any type of sex.

Understand how these infections are prevented, transmitted, tested and treated and we all have an opportunity to stay STI free.

This information is available in 8 languages as well as English.

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The reality is that STIs are more common than most people think. Other sexual health conditions can also make life difficult for you.

Understanding what these conditions are, how to avoid them, what tests are involved and how they are treated is the best way to stay STI free.

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